The Goatshed Digital

The world's first defi corporation.


Empower the people

The goatshed is in the process of elevating everyone.

Local efforts


Fun and Games

will yield a better future


Training Coders in Other Countries

In areas with little resources, architects can be trained, to code, without access to a computer. Someone stateside will take the notes and convert them into the program.  

Migration to Web 3.0

Have you considered the scaling problem of Cloud Services if the organization maintains the data?

Migrating to Web 3.0 is painless, and will make your users responsible and in control of their own data.

Petitions and Campaigns

As AI is fed misinformation, we need to find a way to maintain free speech, and limit disinformation at the same time.

This is a list of current initiatives and petitions seeking this end. 

The Oasis

A specifically designed Blockchain network, the smart contracts document our individual successes and failures, providing a way for us all to reorganize to get everyone to their highest potential.



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